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true love is when we are still able to smile, pray for happiness for him even if he has to let go.

Monday, February 4, 2013

ASSALAMUALAIKUM,opening speech..firstly im really really sorry t NOOR IZZATI SAMSUL ANUAR coz make u cry every night..i kow that my not deny aymore.i feel very guilty..I know tht my fault.but my inexcusable very appealing you can forgive me ...I know you've swallowed my promises ... I do not fulfill my promise .. I know you .. you quietly devastates ...saya tahu saya banyak berubah selepas saya sambung belajar..

i know i ignore u..peasee forgive me..saye merayu sangat ni..i dont want u leave me..i dont want this situation..i want the old situation...joking,sing a song,and all our old memories.
PLEASEE  FORGIVE ME NOOR IZZATI SAMSUL ANUAR <3 and="" i="" love="" need="" p="" really="" u..="" u="">

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Saturday, February 2, 2013


          why lately I feel this is very other ... unlike other immemorial .. maybe I have changed and the age factor might cause me to be like this???YA ALLAH,please give me strength in facing all the trials you..I know I changed of late ni .. but not even crossed my heart to forget you even one moment .. I have many friends of factors may be like this ..
         God knows our feelings. Lord hear our complaints. If we do not forget him, he did not forget us. In her hand is 'key'. And, we have the option to get the key or not.Sometimes God sent down thunder and lightning, we cry looking at the loss of the sun, apparently God wanted to give us a rainbow.Surely, the man said love is blind. Love does not need sunlight to reflect on the way that lovers despite the very difficult road and winding. Hearts light enough to illuminate everything.
          Sorry if I have carved wound in your heart.Sorry about when I have to make you shed tears.And sorry I was just a human being and I can not escape from sin.I can only apologize if I can not afford to understand you, understand your desire.But I just want you to know, how much I really care about and love you.An apology is the duty of every person.

         Good offense which intentionally or not on purpose.And now I was wrong with you, I have made ​​you grieve and even to tears.Excuse me, may just say sorry and my actions to try not to repeat the offense again could I do, again I'm sorry
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Sunday, February 12, 2012


1)Sahabat itu bukan macam main FUTSAL,mula-mula kejar dah dapat sepak
2Sahabat itu bukan macam main SKATE,mula-mula gosok selepas itu pijak

3)Sahabat itu bukan macam main RAGBI.mula-mula dapat,dah dapat tendang
4)Sahabat itu bukan macam PAMPERS,dah pakai lepas itu buang
5)Sahabat itu bukan macam BARANG KEMAS,waktu baru beli pakai lepas sengkek jual
6)Sahabat itu bukan macam PELANGI,hari cerah hilang hujan gerimis baru muncul
7)Sahabat itu bukan macam KERETA,rosak sikit jual dan beli baru
8)Sahabat itu bukan macam CHIPSMORE,kejap ade kejap x de
9)Sahabat itu bukan macam BANK,bila dah x de duit baru nak cari
10)LAGI,,,sahabat itu macam apa ye?hmmmmm
haa,sahabat itu macam awak la
bila saya tulis artikel ini,awak akan baca dengan teliti sampai habis :)

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Thursday, December 1, 2011


assalamualaikum pembuke kate..
ak msih org ISLAM lg ok..haha...tibe je..ok..actually yesterday birthday my special friend ni...nk wish jap..DH TUE KWN ak ni kn..x sngke dh 16thun umur pangai die still lgi mcm kebudak budakan...haha..bkn pe..mnt sngt dngn kartun BEN10 die 2..hahaha
OK2,semalam kite org smbut birthday si NOOR IZZATI SAMSUL ANUAR a.k.a NOOR a.k.a IZZATI ni kt MCD SENAWANG...kte org ni x deman mcm korg..kt SECRET RECIPE and whtever la..actually rncg after zuhur..then tetibe plk ujan time 2..terpkse la melambtkn sikit mse 2..after ujan reda,ak and adib dtg la mcd..tnggu pnye tnggu x dtg lg bdk ni..ish..geram btol..HAHAH..x de r..gurau je la...jgn amik hati au..haha...

ak smpi kt mcd 2 x ingt la pkul brpe..bkn lme pon tnggu die ni..skjp je..mule2 dtg malu2 la konon nye..haha..mmg x bertgur la memulekn..malu pnye r...dh lme x jmpe,then bru la jmpe..ahha..mne x nye...haha..hihih...ok2...

lpz agk lme skit...tibe2 tegrk la ati nk bg hadiah ngn kek 2...first bg hadiah la kt die kn...then bg kek..ak suruh die bukk..die tkut2 plk..die ingt aku ni jht sngt la kn nk ltk TIKUS,RIMAU,LIPAS,and wahtever lg la..P/S:saye x jahat ok nk kne kn kekawan..hihih..dan ak suruh bkk die tkut2..die tkut...slow slow die bkk kotak kek 2..tetibe...die mcm terperanjat dan melaungkn selogan BEN10 smbl tekejut..hihihi...x sgke plk die cm 2...this is first time i see u happy like this...thnk coz make me happy with my day right now..

inilah mke die time terkjut..hihihi...
sius time 2 mmy happy sngt tngok awk happy cm 2...then ak soh die bkk hadiah 2 kt umh...hihihi...that all for delighted see u happy..u make me happy with my day right now...
thnj to my special coz make me happy with my day right now :)
please dont forget me and this memory ok :)

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